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Investment criteria

MBO Partenaires invests in high-performing small and mid-cap companies with ambitious entrepreneurs whom it supports in buyout/ shareholder restructuring and/or growth plan financing contexts.

Although the profiles of the companies in which we invest may vary, they have the following fundamentals in common:

  • high potential small and mid-cap companies
  • an enterprise value of between 10 and €100m
  • single investments of 5 to €25m
  • a majority or minority, but always significant

At the heart of the MBO Partenaires’ decision to invest in a company lies the ability of its manager(s) and team to engage in an ambitious business transformation process.


Pan-European reach

MBO Partenaires supports companies based in France, but also in Spain, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Increasing investment capacity

Since its inception, MBO Partenaires has raised 700 million euros through four successive funds (FPCI):

and led more than one hundred investments. The funds under management mainly come from:

  • French and foreign institutional investors who put their trust in our experience of SMEs
  • families and/or former managers with whom we have completed transactions in the past

Investment Committee benefitting from wide-ranging expertise

The Investment Committee, which is responsible for evaluating investment opportunities, is composed of MBO Partenaires’ partners assisted by qualified individuals who add their entrepreneurial experience to the discussions and in particular, give their insight into strategic and international issues.


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