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Always at your side

We bring with us our experience of small-cap and mid-cap companies, using it to help and support managers as they transform their businesses and unlock their growth potential.

We listen to our entrepreneurs and know how to create an environment where challenging strategic issues can be discussed.

Beyond capital investment, MBO Partenaires developed dedicated and innovative operational support solutions to assist its investments to realise their strategies.

MBO International Solution

Leading the way since 2011 in providing support to its investments on the international stage by opening three offices in China, India and Brazil, MBO Partenaires has now taken its approach to a new level by teaming up with Altios International, the independent leader in international business development for SMEs.
Together, we have combined our complementary areas of expertise to develop the MBO International Solution, an innovative methodology aimed at helping entrepreneurs to speed the pace of their international growth. This methodology is:

  • proven, having been tested with its investments
  • practical and pragmatic, ideal for SMEs
  • global footprint: 15 subsidiary locations and 80 countries coverage
  • unique: a specific turn-key method

MBO Partenaires’s ambition is to be a partner that encourages companies to grow internationally and provides support and assistance every step of the way, from strategic and action planning through to operational implementation.

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MBO Digital Solution

Companies can no longer ignore the impact of digital technology on their business models. Even the most traditional of sectors are seeing change.
With the launch of MBO Digital Solution, we help our investments’ management teams to think through the opportunities that digital technologies open up for their companies:

  • a pragmatic methodology focused on return on investment
  • comprehensive coverage of levers identified through digital technologies, from sales development and marketing through to process optimisation and streamlining within the company.

This solution is overseen by Frédéric Junck and Nicolas Queyroux and is underpinned by a network of trusted high-calibre experts capable of implementing a dedicated and effective digital transformation programme:

Frédéric Junck

Frédéric Junck is an entrepreneur who set up his own PR agency in Brazil in 1998. He is extremely knowledgeable about business and marketing development and worked with numerous French and foreign groups in their digital change processes before joining MBO Partenaires in 2013.

Nicolas Queyroux

After graduating in engineering from Compiègne Technological University, Nicolas Queyroux built up over fourteen years’ experience working with innovative companies. He then joined Frédéric Junck’s agency, taking charge of the digital unit, before moving with Frédéric to MBO Partenaires.

aspas_inicioDigital technology is a powerful tool that can help companies in both traditional and more innovative sectors not only to grow their sales but also to lower costs through productivity savings.aspas_fim

Frédéric Junck
MBO Digital Solution